Ceramics workshop at the Rose Lipman Building- 15th April 2016

I’m throughly enjoying working on my ceramics pieces which is mainly focusing on my epileptic condition. I have decided to work more into creating tiles and writing hand written poems to describe my personal experiences towards my epileptic condition. We have all been working on individual pieces at the ceramics workshop and it has been a lot of fun so far. It’s great learning about other people’s interests within the art field of ceramics and seeing what their outcomes of their pieces will be. In my view I feel that my ceramics pieces have allowed me to express more of what I am feeling about my epileptic condition. Sometimes I find it hard to talk about my epileptic condition because since i’ve had it for a long time and people have been scared of me because of this condition, it has made me feel alone. By creating these pieces it has allowed me to open up more and not being afraid of exactly how I feel. I have chosen to use darker colours because when I have a seizure it makes me feel cold-hearted and sad inside so I express my feelings by using these colours in particular. I have enjoyed developing my practice further by working on a range of techniques for instance creating more paintings, sculptures, photos etc to see how I can represent the idea of my epileptic condition.

I believe that now i’m starting to break more and more out of my comfort zone, I used to just work on specific area which was painting but I haven’t done that in quite a long time because the pieces I did to me were a complete and utter failure. Now i’ve started to work more into the themes of performance art, photography, sculptures, set design and seeing how I can develop my thoughts and feelings using these mediums. These are some of the photos from our individual pieces at the Rose Lipman building. We meet up every 2 weeks and create new and exciting pieces.


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