Second Cass Art Blog published on the 14th of April

I had a very enjoyable time writing this blog because it was based on my epileptic condition and chose to use masking fluid, Henry’s drawing inks, pencils, paint brushes and rubber to plan out my designs. I loved trying out the Batik style because it was a technique that I have never done before so it was great getting out of my comfort zone. I chose to focus more on my epileptic condition because I wanted people to understand my personal experiences about my epileptic condition and understand my thoughts and feelings towards the pain I have been going through for the past 7 years. I throughly enjoyed making a range of different artistic pieces because it allowed me to see which patterns I wanted to focus on and seeing what colours would work well within the pieces. It was quite a relaxing experience because it allowed me to explore my interests within my own art practice and seeing what other areas I could focus on within the development of my practice. What I have learned from practicing these techniques it has allowed me to become even more experimental within my pieces and seeing where I would like to take my art practice next. This is the link of my blog on the Cass Art Website and also the pieces I created using the batik style within a 2 week period.


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