Fashion Showcase event- William Morris 21st April

Taking part in this event has allowed me to take part in other fields of art and look further into other themes of art such as Fashion and take an interest in what other artists and designers like producing and creating.It was such an exciting and fun event being one of the models at the William Morris Gallery Fashion Showcase event working alongside Christine Mhando. Firstly all of us who are part of the Young Curators Group for the William Morris Gallery we were helping to set up the event. We all had roles such as 2-3 people were the hosts of the event, 5 of us were models for the event, 1 person was in charge of the music and photographing the event. Whilst the others were helping to also set up, me, Lizzie,  Muna, Sylwia, Charlotte were preparing our outfits with the help of the designer Christine Mhando.

It was amazing, we all made sure we knew what clothes we were going to be making and made sure that we knew how long we would have to change into our second outfits. We all did a practice run of the modelling so that we knew what we had to do before the event started. The Fashion showcase started at 7:15pm after the audience had arrived and were seated in the story lounge. We followed one after the other in colour coordination and I was the first model to show my outfit. I was very nervous at the time because I have never done anything like this before. We had to go up a range of stairs and walk on the right side of the stairs and get to the top and walked down the centre of the story lounge with our heads high and smiling. Then we had to go down the stairs on the left side and then the next person would do the same thing. We all made sure that we stuck to the way of how long we had to get changed so that everything would flow well.

After we had shown our two outfits we all walked up together and we bowed in front of the audience and their was a huge amount of applause and we smiled in front of the audience. Then the conversation between Christine Mhando and Frances Corner head of LCF took place. It was quite an interesting conversation finding out the processes and methods she used to get the opportunity of becoming a famous fashion designer. The talk lasted for 30 minutes. After once the talk was done, the audience gradually left the William Morris Gallery and we tided up and made sure all the furniture was placed in the right area of the gallery space.

We all congratulated each other for the success of the event and loved how everything flowed well. From this experience it allowed me to focus on other areas of art and helped me to possibly look into this field of fashion and seeing what I could do. At the end of the modelling I didn’t feel as nervous and shy as I was at the beginning of the modelling. We all gathered together to take a look at the photos that was taken at the event and we were very pleased with the turn out of the event. I have also learnt of other ways of how to present my work and allow it to become more open-minded and basically working on a range of different processes and methods of how to present art in a new and exciting way. I definitely enjoyed working with this designer because it has allowed me to look into further opportunities that are out their, networking with other artists and basically becoming more involved with other things that are currently going on. I have always believed that if their is anything you would like to do and have an interest in, just go for it because you never know what will happen and it could lead to something very exciting.

Here are some examples of the collections that Christine Mhando does

Here are some of the photos from the event


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