Visit to the Victoria and Albert Museum

It was quite fun going to the Victoria and Albert Museum on the 3rd of June. I went with the Town Gas ceramics group who I have been part of for about 2-3 months now and it has been such a fun time going there. I have loved the experience here so far, everyone is so friendly and it is easy to communicate with everyone and I feel comfortable working here. We decided to go and have a visit with Aaron Angell to discover the history of ceramic from the 1900’s to now and looking at the development of how ceramics changed and looked at the developments, processes and methods that many ceramists used. It was quite interesting looking through each section of how different pieces were created. What I learned from this experience is getting more involved in the history of ceramics, seeing how I can respond to how these pieces were made and how I could re-interpret them within my own practice. I also learned how I could try and communicate how I could represent my idea of my epileptic condition within a ceramic piece. These are some of the photos I took from my experience at the Victoria and Albert museum.


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