Recent paintings I have been working on

Recently I have just gotten back into paintings after 7 months of not doing any paintings. I have chosen to take a different approach to painting and seeing what types of styles I could work on. I have decided to make my paintings to have more of a freer feel about them and not make them restricted as they used to be. Last year I felt that I wasn’t much of a risk taker and did not push myself hard enough so I chose to take a break from painting and decided to do other things like ceramics, poetry writing, knitting, making hand knitted blankets and hand stitched some of my poems into the fabric pieces that I had cut up. This year in June I chose to go back into painting, my mum and sister always believed that I have had a passion towards painting and have believed that I have been good at that for quite a while now. So I decided why not go back into painting and see what I could do with it and since then things have become and changed into a more positive outcome.

On the 16th of June I’m going to be part of an exhibition alongside 6 other passionate and creative artists at the Dark sugars shop in Brick Lane. The exhibition will be starting on the 16th of June which will be the opening night 6pm-10pm and will be running for 2-3 weeks and the closing night will be on the 30th of June 6pm-10pm. I have enjoyed making the pieces for this exhibition because it has allowed me to become more experimental with my pieces due to the idea of having chocolate as the medium and seeing how I could interpret that within my own art practice. I will also be participating in another exhibition at Cass Art alongside 49 Cass Art Student Ambassadors and the exhibition will be running from the 6th of July-12th of July and this will be an end of year show exhibition. I’m looking forward to both exhibition and I know that they will be fun. I know that I will learn so much from both of these exhibitions because it will be intriguing asking people more about their practices, their interests, their interpretations and the meanings behind their works.

Currently since i’ve just finished my second year at home i’ve been working on some art pieces to keep my motivation of art going and seeing what other techniques I could pick up along the way as I’m experimenting with doing risk taking techniques. These are some of the images from the exhibition I will be taking part in at Dark Sugars, Cass Art and developing my art practice at home.

Images for the Dark Sugars Exhibition- 16th June- 30th of June 2016

Images for Cass Art exhibition- 6th July-12th July 2016


My developing works for my art practice 2016


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