Cass Art Student Ambassadors End of Year Exhibition 8th July-12th July 2016

For our end of year exhibition we created a range of pieces to celebrate our year experience of being a Cass art student ambassador. It has been a great experience being a Cass art ambassador taking part in a range of events such as fresher events, creating blogs, promoting events and taking part in a range of artistic opportunities around London. We all made individual pieces for a group show and what I learnt from that is allowing myself to show how passionate I am about art, how it allows me to build my confidence skills and allows me to come up with a variety of ideas that I can explore further. With creating this piece it allows me to show my thoughts and feelings towards the epileptic condition I have and make people more aware of the difficulties I have to go through. I think that doing art helps me to speak up more about the mental health condition that I have because sometimes I feel like hiding myself aware because in the past I have been judged and some people have been scared to be around me. Lately since I have taken part in more events like this I have learnt how to feel more comfortable making new friends, taking part in social events and finding a way of how to approach people. These are some of the photos of my work and also some photos of other Cass Art Ambassadors work from the exhibition which took place from the 8th of July- 12th of July 2016.


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