Travels in Bruges 4th- 7th July 2016

Me and my sister decided to go on a holiday to Bruges from the 4th of July to the 7th of July and we wanted to have an adventure so we chose to discover a range of museums, boat tours, walking tours and night tours. It was such a fun experience we got to hear what Bruges used to be like during the 14th century all the way until now and discovering different artists such as Jan van eyck. This was such a fantastic opportunity to go on, we got to go to so many lovely restaurants and everyone there was so friendly, there were loads of horse carriage tours going on at the time as soon as we came out of the hotel that we were staying in. The service in the hotel was lovely and each day we always made sure that we did something because we love being travellers and we always love seeing what’s going on and participating in things that we things that we’ll enjoy.

What I learnt from that trip it allowed me to explore a range of different artists that I had never heard of before such as Jan Van Eyck and seeing in what ways I can interpret some of my ideas towards the artists work. Furthermore I also learnt how to become more confident which met I decided to change the style of clothes I was wearing for instance started wearing dresses which I wouldn’t normally do. In a way doing this it responds in the same way with what I have been doing about my artwork which has involved using different palette techniques to see how I can show my thoughts and emotions of how I deal with my epileptic condition on a daily basis. In a sense I felt that I didn’t have to hide who I am when I was there because I felt comfortable and didn’t feel like I would be judged about my epileptic condition because in the past I have been judged and sometimes people used to stay away from me because they were scared when they saw an episode of one of my seizures.


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