Poster collective project- William Morris Gallery

I had a fantastic time taking part in the poster collective project at the William Morris Gallery from the 2nd of August- 6th of August. We got to meet Aida Wilde who is such an inspirational artist. It was great going to her art studio in Hackney and seeing the types of techniques she uses to create her posters which involves silk screen to represent different things she is interested in such as street art. Over the week we were doing the art project at the William Morris Gallery which was for 16-22 year old’s we were focusing on the idea of posters to focus on protest and revolution. We developed a range of different styles such as mono-printing, lino printing, photo-montage, cutting out shapes using craft knifes, collograph to create our posters. We worked on A2 paper and created a variety of posters responding to different things such as Jodie Cox, Utopia, Protest, Read all about it. All of our works will be displayed in a public exhibition at the William Morris Gallery on the 15th of November 2016 until the 15th of January 2017.

I learnt a lot within working on this project because it allowed me to focus more on developing my skills working with these techniques and being supported by the professional artist Della Rees. It was great also have group discussions also so that we could learn about the techniques demonstrated to us, understanding as to why people were making their poster in a certain way. I felt that everyone got on well with each other and the atmosphere was very relaxing and comfortable. Here are some examples of the techniques I worked with for instance collograph, mono-print, lino print etc.


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